When dreams become reality

Sometimes dreams change to something new.  In 2007 when I formed a team to compete in the Kubb World Championship in Gotland, Sweden, all I knew is that I wanted to play more and perhaps one day be part of a tournament like this again.

I convinced some friends to play kubb with me and we were having lots of fun.  I thought there must be more out there that play and then I found the US Kubb scene.  I saw all the tournaments they ran and was in awe.  I decided Kubb Canada had a place and I got it up and running.

Now in 2014 we have held our first ever Canadian National Kubb Championship.  It was June 7th, 2014.  That was 2 days ago (from when I wrote this).  I am still amazed at how it all came together and that the dream came to fruition.  There was lots of planning, lots of hard work and even more fun.

The king is dead, long live the king!

The king is dead, long live the king!

With the help of my wife we got it all together in time.  We had several teams coming up from the USA as well as a team that had just moved to Canada from Switzerland.  We were truly an international tournament now.

I may have had bigger aspirations but I was talked down a bit due to time constraints that I did not factor in.  That was a good thing.  If I had gone through with some of my ideas, the tournament may not have happened.  For instance, painting all the kubb pieces.  My wife told me the kings would be enough.  She was more than right.

We arranged a night at the pub to do the “draft”.  I saw a US team do that and wanted to do something similar.  We didn’t have much of a draft as we just had to click the “generate first round” on the spreadsheet, but we got to meet lots of the kubbers over good drinks, good food and good fun.

The day of the tournament was upon us.  That morning we arrived at the park and had much help from our friends (some of whom were also playing in the tournament).  We got everything set up and the tournament was under way.

I spent a few minutes just listening to the sound of wood hitting wood and realized that I had done it.  The tournament was really happening.  Now my hope was that the computer would  hold up for the day so I could get the pairings to work.

I walked around taking some photos, my wife doing the same.  Every so often we would stop and just give each other a hug.  It was a great experience there.  The weather was beautiful, the scenery was nice and in the afternoon we even had music playing courtesy of Live 88.5 and their Ground Crew (who also played some kubb on a spare pitch).

Closest to the king wins

Closest to the king wins

We didn’t play ourselves as we were needed to run things and to do some referee calls on occasion.  Yes we wanted to play but more so, we secretly wanted a Canadian team to win.

We got to watch some great matchups of Kubb such as Gungnir vs. Goofy Kubbers 1.6 in the Gold Medal game, Gungnir vs. King Kung, Goofy Kubbers 1.6 vs. SMP Overseas.  Lots of high-end matchups that were amazing to watch.

5 kubbs in one shot

5 kubbs in one shot

Scoring the final matches was a highlight for me.  I’m a stats fan and getting the stats from the tournament that I helped to create was so much fun.  All of that is available at the Results post.

It's over

It’s over

When the final kubbs were tossed, the final king toppled, the end of the tournament was at hand.  It was a bitter-sweet time.  We were tired, yet pumped.  We were happy, yet sad to say goodbye.

We will see our great friends from the South on a kubb pitch again.  We will definitely be holding the 2nd Annual Canadian National Kubb Championship next year (keep an eye out for that) and you can be sure that we will be taking to the field ourselves to toss some wood around very soon.

The winning teams and the organizers

The winning teams and the organizers

To all who participated, spectated, helped and cheered.  Thank you for making my dream become a reality.

#Kubb on!

2 responses to “When dreams become reality

  1. Congratulations Shane on a successful first Canadian Kubb Championship! It sounds like you had a wonderful event and drew players from far and wide.

    Do you plan to continue to have the Canadian championship in Ottawa and make it home for the Canadian Championship similar to Eau Claire for the US Championship?

  2. Hi, Jamie! Yes, we are going to make Ottawa home to the Canadian Championships…we endeavour to exploit the beauty of Ottawa and hope that participants may also be inclined to take in some of the tourist, make it a holiday, of sorts 🙂