The Brewery Market: Appearance

July 5th, 2014 was a hot and sunny day…perfect for a gathering of brew-minded folk to enjoy, learn about and discover the wonders of Ontario beer!

Located in Parkdale Park, Hintonburg, Ontario, the only thing pouring were beers and maybe a lil’ sweat from the blazing sun. 😉

Kubb Canada contacted the organizers of The Brewery Market and asked if we could join…to introduce and show the community the awesomeness that is the game of kubb. Contact was well received and supported 🙂

So, while the outside rim of the park was lined with Ontario brewers selling their samples (proceeds going to the Ottawa Riverkeeper)…Kubb Canada set up a pitch (modified due to space limitations) right smack in the middle of the grounds.

Pat Gilliland & Co-Founder, Shane Hultquist

Pat Gilliland & Co-Founder, Shane Hultquist

“Can you see me now?”

Our first go-getters to try?

A wee lad & lassie, brother & sister. It was awesome. 🙂 Set in a community park with splash pad, The Brewery Market is, indeed, a family affair. Armed with blankets to sit upon or chairs to lounge whilst sipping Ontario brews and watching children frolic…a perfect summer’s day!

We heard whispers all around us several times, “Hey! I played that game last summer at my buddies’ cottage!” We were even stopped as we’d walked to the van on our way out…”We got to watch kubb being played when we were in Lyon, France!” The couple were thrilled to have gotten to watch us playing. 🙂

Camping, cottage, backyard, beach, snow-covered fields…the possibilities really are endless to the versatility of kubb.

All afternoon we had cycles of bevvie-sipping curiosity-inspired folk have a try at the game…

Shane Hultquist, Beverage-inator ;)

Shane Hultquist, Beverage-inator 😉

Throngs of folk sat or stood, sipping and watching...

Throngs of folk sat or stood, sipping and watching…


The Brewery Market had set up small bar-tables for the attendees to stand around…many others were lounging under the large, shade-giving trees that lined the rim of the park.


In the throes of summer sun...and game.

In the throes of summer sun…and game.

#kubb on! \m/

#kubb on! \m/

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Rule explanation...with bevvies

Rule explanation…with bevvies






























At the end of the day..."kubb unites people"...and did it ever!

At the end of the day…”kubb unites people”…and did it ever!

A listing of the craft breweries that were represented at The Brewery Market:


Beyond the Pale

Covered Bridge Brewing

Cassel Brewery

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

Mill St. Brewery

Big Rig Brewery

Broadhead Brewing Company

Hogsback Brewing Company

Also in attendance was Brew Donkey…”…bringing the craft brew right to you”!!

What a perfect match…

What a perfect day…

#kubb on! \m/

*please always drink responsibly and respect your limits and laws

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  1. Great to see so many action shots with a beer in one hand and a baton ion the other. 😉