T-minus Two Weeks!


In less than two weeks…the sounds of wood upon wood…will be here! That glorious *twank* sound of baton hitting kubb or, better yet…


Shane and I had the chance to go out and view the beautiful grounds of Strathcona Park where we will be hosting the inaugural Canadian Kubb Championship.

The park itself lies on the west bank of the Rideau River and marks the eastern edge of the Sandy Hill neighbourhood. With lush trees, there will be ample opportunity for shade, because it really shouldn’t rain on such a glorious day, right? *evil stabby cloudy glare*

There are a plethora of picnic tables and benches dotting the 15 acre landscape…and there is a small children’s play area that was designed by artist Stephen Brathwaite. The structure was crafted to look like ruins, inspired by Mackenzie King’s ruin garden at Kingsmere. The structure was assembled out of blocks of stone that had been part of the parliament buildings, the Chateau Laurier, and other prominent Ottawa structures.

Washrooms are also on site, but as we didn’t have a key, couldn’t scope them out. Buggernackles.

There were blackbirds and mallards and Canada geese…OH, MY!! \m/ No shortage of seagulls, either. Rats with wings. Just sayin’. Kept photobombing my images…

If you’re taking the OC Transpo city bus, you’ll find the #16 goes right in front of the park. On the other side of the adjoining road are a variety of Embassies…don’t forget to check out the flags! 😀

Here are a few images from our visit, albeit a short one with impending heavy, grey clouds and thunder rumblings rolling across the river…

Eight Five

Trees and grass...totally.

Trees and grass…totally.

Mallard. Swimming. That is all.

Mallard. Swimming. That is all.

One Seven

Lush, beautiful grounds

Lush, beautiful grounds

Red-wing Blackbird...the flora and fauna abound!

Red-wing Blackbird…the flora and fauna abound!

Token Canada Geese shot, yo! \m/

Token Canada Geese shot, yo! \m/

Rats with wings...True story.

Rats with wings…True story.

Twelve Two

We hope to see you there!

If you haven’t registered…whatcha waiting for? This event is open to ALL skill levels…you *will* play!

Kubb on!! \m/

~Pattie Brynn Hultquist

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  1. Christine McDiarmid

    Excellent write up! Can’t wait to be there!