2016 Registration

The tournament will be a doubles (team) tournament.  When registering, please provide your team name that you will be using.  If you do not have a team, please leave this field blank and you will be paired up with someone for the tournament.

There will be 4 round-robin matches to determine seeding for the final 8 teams.  Seeding will be determined based on WIN / DRAW points.  Each match will consist of 3 games and will last up to 50 minutes.  Teams will earn 3 points for each game  win and 1 point for each game draw and an additional 2 points for a match win. No points will be earned or lost for a loss of a game.  If at the end of the match time a game is incomplete, the team that has the most kubbs knocked down on their opponents baseline will be awarded the win.  If both teams have equal kubbs knocked down, we will award a draw point.  If the game has yet to be started, it too will be awarded a draw. In the event that the match is a draw, both teams will earn the additional match points.

In the Final bracket (8 teams), 3 games in a match will again be played.  This will be a single elimination tournament at this point.  There must be a winner to move on to the next bracket.  In the final matches, the two teams that do NOT move on to the final round will play a 3 game match to determine 3rd place.  The final two teams will then play a 3 game match to determine the Champion.

Early Bird Registration is $25 per player (plus applicable service fees) and can be purchased until April 16th, 2016.  After this date, registration is $30 per player (plus applicable service fees) and can be purchased until June 2nd, 2016.

Registration is now closed. Good luck to all our teams