Ottawa Kubb League Information

Welcome to the home of the Ottawa Kubb League.  Here you will find information on how to join the Kubb League, details on how we operate, our scoring techniques and best of all, the current standings.

In order to get the 2013 season prepared and underway, we will be keeping things simple and most of what we do will be manually entered on the website.  The programming to automate everything has taken a bit of a side-turn and therefore I would ask that you be patient with me as I try to keep things up to date.


To register for the Ottawa Kubb League, please fill out the form by clicking on this link.  The form will ask you for a team name if you have one.  If not, that is OK too.  If you decide afterwards you want to join a specific team, you can email us with that information.  Please note that you may not change teams mid-season.  This isn’t the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL or anything like that.  There are no trades.


The rules used by the Ottawa Kubb League will be the traditional rules that are put forth by VMi Kubb in Gotland, Sweden.  These can be found here.  Our Kubb Rules page also has a small video showing how to play the game.


We will be using the Planet Kubb method of keeping track of games.  They have built a very intricate system over the years and it will allow us to generate many statistics.  You can view their notation system by visiting this link.  We will be keeping track of these statistics during our games and posting them on our site after each week.  This is more of a fun exercise but could involve prizes at the end of the season.

Scoring for teams is quite simple.  If you win a game, you get a point.  If you do not win, you do not get a point.  Matches will consist of 3 games.  As an example, Team A vs. Team B on Saturday will have them play 3 games.  If Team A were to win all three games, they would get 3 points.  If Team A wins 1 game and Team B wins the other 2 games, Team A gets 1 point and Team B would get 2 points.

Team Structure

A team can consist of up to 3 people.  A team captain will need to form the team by using this form.  Normal Kubb tournament rules allow for up to 6 members of a team, but due to the current limited audience we will start with 3 members on a team.  This allows each person to throw 2 batons during a turn.

During a turn, a team may choose to alternate strategies and have one person throw more batons however each person on the team must throw at least one baton during a turn.  This keeps the game fair and fun for all.  The team may decide that one player is better at hitting the baseline kubbs and elect to have them throw more than 2 batons to attempt to further their game for example.

If a team member cannot make it to a match, that is fine and you will only play with the members that attend the matches.  If a team cannot attend the match and has not provided ample notice to arrange for an alternate match, they will be deemed to have forfeited the match and their opponents will be awarded 3 points as if they had won all 3 matches.


Schedules will be posted at the beginning of the season.  They will simply be referred to as Week #.  We will arrange to play the games together if at all possible however if 2 teams decide that they wish to play their matches at an alternate location or a different day, that is acceptable.  Both teams will need to report the final scoresheets to the organizer as well as the final scores for input into the system.


We will have a playoff format leading to the final match of the season in which we will crown the Ottawa Kubb Champions for 2013.  Details of this will be provided at a later date.

Friendly Games

Games between teams deemed “friendlies” are more than welcome!  You can even submit your scoresheets however the teams will not earn points.  I highly recommend these types of games as not only does it offer you practice, it’s fun playing Kubb!


If you wish to add anything to the league, feel free to contact us and let us know your suggestions!