More Tournament updates

Ok, as for the tournaments I think we’ll look at doing 2 separate tournaments.  We can do a “singles” tournament in the spring to get everyone warmed up for a summer of kubbing.  Then in the fall we do the doubles tournament.

I’m thinking May for the Spring tournament (perhaps even April?) and September/October for the Fall tournament.

April may be too chilly still here in Ottawa (depending on the year) and the ground may be pretty soggy which makes me want to push into May (maybe like the second week?).  October I think would be amazing as the leaves might be changing colour by then and that would make a nice backdrop for some Kubb.  It won’t be stupid hot then either which is a bonus (as I write this we’re going above 30 again…Celsius…after being close to zero at nights it isn’t fun).

Again, thoughts on this are welcomed!  Use the comments thread below!


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