Major Scoring App update

July 16, 2013 – version 0.7

Features Implemented – In this release I have added the database functionality so it keeps the games you score in a local database.  The ability to view a past game and copy that information to the clipboard is also available in this release.  Currently you can add/edit/delete players in the database (they must be added to have them part of the game) and you can add/delete games (editing to come).  Getting data from the last match entered is now available on the Match Information input screen.  A small instruction area is now added and will be populated more in the future.  I have added functionality that allows when entering the players in the match to add or remove players after the fact.  This was a requested feature and I’m happy to say it is implemented in this release.

Known Issues  – There are a few issues still to be addressed at this point.  Some of the “back” button issues are still there and I’m trying to find them all (if you find one, please fill out the form below and give details as to what was happening).  When deleting a game from the database it does not refresh the list properly and if you try to “show” the match that you just deleted the application will crash.  I have found in my testing that just turning the device back and forth will refresh the table.  I should have this addressed in the next release.  There is still no connectivity to the website yet.  This will likely be the last hurdle in the application.  I have solved the issue struck out above.

The app is still a pre-beta release at this point as we try to work out some bugs, add features and generally test it to death.

Go test the app now!  Click Here  The code is pkapptest


2 responses to “Major Scoring App update

  1. Awesome stuff! Great to see the continuing progress and I’m really excited to see the integration with the Planet Kubb Wiki. I posted the info on querying teams and rosters.

    Do you have a recommended way you would suggest to use this app if you don’t have an Android device? I’m an iOS user, but would love to work with this first hand if only to see it and help test.

  2. Currently I’m only developing for Android but after I’m done I will look at porting it to iOS.