League of 2014 / Tournament

So, after much deliberation in my own brain I have realized that the 2013 Ottawa Kubb League may not be feasible.  If you think differently, feel free to let me know.  We could do a “short” season like the NHL did and only have a dozen or so weekends to make it happen but that will be up to participants.

I would like to suggest we focus on some other things to bring more knowledge of Kubb to the Ottawa area such as the following :

Playing games on Parliament Hill a few weekends coming up.  

This would bring some attention to the game.  I have the business cards we can hand out.  We could have a sign made up (like the real estate signs I guess) and have people try the game and ask questions etc.

First Annual Kubb Canada Open Tournament

  • This has some serious potential.  Just working things through in my head, we would need to reserve some park space (already looking into that…possibly Vincent Massey Park).
  • This would need to be in the fall, I’m thinking Late August-Mid September range (before it starts getting too chilly)
  • We may need sponsorship for this event.  I’d like to see some type of media eat this up and promote it…perhaps radio/rogers 22/newspaper
  • If in August, I’d like to get some celebrity endorsement if possible from some notable Swedish folk in the Ottawa area (I won’t mention names until brought to them)
  • The Swedish Embassy may be on board with us for some things (I can always ask again)
  • Donations of possible prizes, port-a-potty rentals, drinks/snack foods?
  • KUBB SETS.  We would need quite a few depending on registration for the tournament.  Again, the publicity of the event will drive this need.

My goal for the tournament would be to see at least 20 teams participate.  I think that is plausible for the first year.  More would be better of course.

I am open to ideas from the Kubb Community as well, so if you have suggestions, comments, ideas, whatever, please post them here as comments.  It’s a community effort in the end!  (oh, and organizers of the event will be able to participate as well…)

3 responses to “League of 2014 / Tournament

  1. I am all for focusing on bringing attention to the game this year and looking to the 2014 season to launch the league.

  2. Hi
    First of all, I like to congratulate you on your fine site and the effort to get it up and running. I started to play Kubb in Brazil on the beach and I designed and had it manufactured that I call D King.
    I will be in Ottawa next Monday, June 17th and I am very interested to get this thing going together with you. I´ll be bringing up a set of Kubb/D king with me.
    With my experience with this game is, it is an unknown and very difficult to get people involved with teams if they really haven´t got a clue even how to play the game. The first thing that needs to be done is to expose the game in public places so people can see how the game is played. Most people are curious and they stop to watch what is going on and ask questions about the game and some, where to buy it.
    I have basically given the game away to people that have place on the beach so they can play it there. As you probably already know, once you play the game you will like the game.
    Sorry, I don´t know your name, but I would like to meet you and talk about how to get this going in Ottawa and then Canada.
    I would love to hear your comments about all this. By the way I am Canadian,living in Brazil and have kids living in Ottawa.
    Looking forward to hear from you.


  3. Thanks for the comments Richard! Unfortunately I’ll be busy on the 17th but would love to get together, have a coffee and chat about Kubb for sure! I will send you a message offline and we can discuss!