Kubb Scoring Application

I’m in the process of designing a Kubb Scoring Application that links into the PlanetKubb system.  It’s a long process to design an Android app from scratch but I’m making some serious progress with it.  I’m now soliciting testers for the application for functionality and features.  It is not a very “pretty” app at the moment and the XML coding is going to be one of the last items on the agenda for the application.

It is a process and an interesting one for me as a rookie Android developer.  I’ve done coding for most of my my life (since I was about 7) and this is very exciting for me!

If you are a kubb player (and you would be if you’re hanging out on my blog here) and you are running Android (2.2 or later) on a phone, tablet or whatever, and you also want to try the app out for scoring purposes, send me a message.

One response to “Kubb Scoring Application

  1. actually i would rather prefer an offline app
    without it connecting to the planet kubb system. having offline statistics without bothering the planet kubb system would be useful for internal(in the clubs) statistics.