Kubb Scoring App Change

So, after much time off due to various different things such as vacation and surgery I decided I would move the development of the PK Scoring app to SourceForge to track the changes and host the application.

I decided that this would definitely be an Open Source application and this is the best way to go about it I think.

I’ve put much time and effort into the application at this point.  It was the first application I’ve developed using the Android OS and Java.  I learned quite a bit along the way in this journey.

So, if you are a budding Android Developer, a hardcore Kubb player (for testing), or want to help out in some way, head on over to the PlanetKubb Scoring App SourceForge Page.


2 responses to “Kubb Scoring App Change

  1. Would you be averse to me putting this on GitHub? I would be willing to help support this and find the fine-grained revisioning very nice, as I use it all the time for work.

    I’ve been a Java developer for over 13 years.

    We could always upload binaries to sourceforge if desired.

  2. I have emailed you offline about this!