Excitement and fun!

So, as it progresses towards our first game of the year I realized my Kubb Set that I purchased at the World Championships in Gotland, Sweden in 2007 is stored safely at the campground where we frequent quite a bit.  I need my Kubb fix so I had to start researching making my own (it shouldn’t be that hard…right?)

Well, in my travels to find a way to make a set, I found this site that has a video.  In my younger days I used to watch This Old House with Bob Villa with my dad.  Now I see that TOH has a video on KUBB!

You can check it out by clicking on this sentence.

So now my problem is that I need to be able to rip the 4×4 so that I can get the right dimensions on the Kubb pieces.  The video shows them using a circular saw and some kind of attachment.  If I had that I could do it I’m sure.  The main suggestion from other sites is to use a table saw.  If I could get the hardware/lumber store to rip the 4×4 down for me it would be so much easier.  I’m going to start inquiring today.  Perhaps I’ll have some Kubb sets for sale on this site in the near future!

For now, grab a cold beverage, the weather is getting nicer in our Nations Capital and get out and play some Kubb!

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