2014 Tournament considerations

So, in preparation for next year and running a tournament, getting out and playing more this year is going to need to happen. Aside from that and getting the word out to the public, I am proposing a few different ideas and want to run it past the Kubb folks of Ottawa (and indeed Canada).

Singles Kubb

I’m throwing this out there as currently there are not a huge number of players.  If we did a singles tournament, it would be a much longer tournament (depending on registration).  It would also give an advantage to each person in that they are throwing all the batons.  It is more close to what we play once in a while in the parks.

2-3 Member Teams

This would be the more standard style tournament so far in the USA.  They do 3 members to a team (minimum).  Again, if we have 100 people interested this would be much more feasible.


The other thought is that we do the singles tournament in the springtime and then the Team tournament in the fall.


Here is the biggest thing to think about.  I did some checking and having it at Major’s Hill or Vincent Massey (or any NCC owned property) is bleeding expensive.  Looking at City of Ottawa parks, it’s MUCH cheaper and makes more sense.  Who knows, in a few years of doing this we may upgrade to Major’s Hill but for now I think a smaller park works.  We can work with whatever we have for sure and cost effectiveness is what really matters.


This is the next part of it.  Again, depending on interest (which I think we’ll have enough) I’d see the cost at not exceeding $20 per person to make it all happen.  We may even be able to get that down a bit too depending on possible sponsorships.


If you have any thoughts on this matter, feel free to comment on the blog (www.kubbcanada.com or www.kubbcanada.ca)

8 responses to “2014 Tournament considerations

  1. Tracy Thillmann


    If we can get enough interest I would love to have two ideally, and maybe three person teams. I would definitely participate in singles as well. I have shared the link. A good number of my family we have taught the game to, and many live close by. I am hoping to spark their interest, and get more people signed up. Either spring or fall works; even both is good. I am looking forward to whatever is planned. Given enough notice of the event, I will be there. 🙂

  2. Evan Fitzgerald

    I think it’s great that you are looking to get a tournament started in Canada. Not sure if you plan on allowing US players/teams, but I know that I’d be interested in playing if the timing works out. I’ve always been interested in visiting Ottawa.

    My recommendation is to start the tournament as 2 person minimum tournament. I’ve been to several smaller tournaments in the past couple years and I think it’s better if you stay with 2 person teams until you are well established. It is much easier for traveling teams to put together a 2 person team than 3+. I’d start thinking about 3 person teams when you feel confident that you can get at least 32 teams to sign up. Any location where there is good greenspace and lots of foot traffic can make for a great tournament. My favorite tournament in the US the past 2 years has been the one in Decorah, IA because it is part of a much larger festival where a lot of people get exposed to kubb and it’s fun to talk with the curious spectators about the game. So, if it’s possible to partner with a larger festival or fair that attracts a lot of non-kubbers then I find that much more entertaining for the kubb participants as well.

    I feel $40/team is very reasonable for a kubb tournament.

    Best regards and good luck,

    Evan Fitzgerald / Team Goofy Kubbers

  3. Great advice Evan! I’d be glad to allow teams from anywhere to join in much the same the Worlds do it. I’m sure if a Canadian group made their way to a tourney in the states we’d be welcomed (I hope).

    I too think doubles would work well for teams at this point and even doing the singles tournament. I’d personally like to do both 🙂

  4. I have hosted 4 tournements in Victoria. We had between 35 and 50 people each time. We always did it with teams of three. Its a great number. Not many sports have three person teams.

    I think if you search on youtube for kubb victoria there are some videos. We also stack the field kubbs to speed up play.

  5. Sorry search youtube for left coast kubb for videos

  6. I would love to see both options done, and they certainly don’t have to be at he same time!

  7. It’s great that you are organizing a tournament. It may sound overwhelming at first thought but it’s really not too bad. I look forward to your decisions and will gladly help with input as much as you’d like.

    I would recommend the 2 person minimum to start. Let the tournament grow for a few years and then move to 3 person teams.

    The cost of $40-60 a team is very reasonable.

    What is going to dictate the number of teams is the number of sets you can afford. Obviously you need one set for two teams. You may need to limit the size of the tournament based on green space and kubb sets available.

    Take care,


  8. Thanks for the good words Chad. Having been at the World Championships in Gotland, Sweden, I may look to organize things like they did over there. It was interesting seeing 4 teams per “field” and they played each other in a round-robin style with the top 2 teams moving on to the next round.

    Now that I write it, perhaps not. That sounds confusing 🙂