2014 Canadian Kubb Nationals

The time has come to start organizing for the first official Canadian Kubb Nationals.  There are many logistical things to work out for the tournament and like organizing any event there will be no way to please each and every person.  Things to start considering for it now are as follows :

Location – If a park run by the NCC there is an up-front cost that would need to be covered and it must be set in stone at least 6 months  in advance.  I would prefer that the tournament be held within Ottawa so that limits us at this point.  My preference for this event would be Vincent Massey Park or Major’s Hill Park.  Other options I could see working would be Confederation Park and ideally, although it would be a nightmare getting all the permits, would be holding it on Parliament Hill in front of the main building.  As I wrote this post I thought of Lebreton Flats as well…if it works for Bluesfest, it could work for Kubbfest  🙂

Cost – My goal on this is to have it cost-neutral.  Ideally I would like to have sponsorship of the tournament happen from different businesses and perhaps even talk to the Swedish embassy to see if they could do anything.

Kubb Sets – Here’s a big one where sponsorship would be grand.  If a lumber store would supply the lumber I’m sure enough of us would be able to make enough sets for the tournament (and perhaps sell them after to recoup some costs…or find somewhere to store them for 2015).  Otherwise we’re looking at about $50 a set in materials and potentially needing 20+ sets.

Rules – I will be doing up the rules for the tournament based on a hybrid of the US National rules and the VMKubb World Championship rules.  That will appear on here in the coming months.

Publicity – we need this to get out to the populous and get people playing kubb.  That’s a key thing.  Publicity could happen from sponsorship from a radio station perhaps, or some other venue.  I’m not entirely sure we could afford doing newspaper ads…

If anyone interested in assisting has avenues we can get sponsors, equipment (sound equipment for announcing matches, winners, things like that), volunteers to help set up the fields on the first day of the tournament (yes, this could go 2 days), there are many things we need to consider still and that is why the brainstorming starts NOW.

One response to “2014 Canadian Kubb Nationals

  1. sounds great about a 4 hour drive for me from NY state’s Finger Lakes Region. Ottawa is a beautiful city, would love to have an excuse to visit again. Besides my Brother in Law is Canadian that gives me instant street cred. Please keep me informed. Thanks,Dano/Dan Pritchard